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Friday, October 26, 2012

So it's been a year and half since I last posted. Facebook kind of replaced my blog but I happen to get on my blog this morning when I couldn't sleep and realized that facebook is nice but nothing beats a blog:) So what has happened over the last year and half in our family? No great life changing events but a lot of little things that are significant.

Since I last posted on my blog:
1.We went on a great family vacation with mom and dad and Jodi's family to Maui
2.Doug and I celebrated our 20th anniversary
3.Chance turned 16 and got his drivers liscence
4.We spent a week in Utah with family over the summer
5.Was called as our ward primary president
6.We now have a junior, 8th grader, and a 4th grader
7.Doug and I were able to have a week alone in Hawaii
8.I got kidney stones
9.Celebrated my 40th birthday
10.Enjoyed many wonderful family memories

Over all the last year and half has been wonderful. I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband, three great children, loving parents and a sweet sister and many other family and friends that I love dearly. We are busy but we are happy and for that I am grateful everyday.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More San Diego

This is San Diego's version of Ride the Duck. We had always talked about doing it in Seattle but we decided to do it in California. It was really cool we saw lots of seals and some dolphins being trained by the Navy.

The kids just before we went out on the boat.

The kids at Mission Beach which was within walking distance of our hotel. It was a really nice beach.

Sunset at Mission Beach in San Diego.

All five of us got to feed and pet a dolphin. They are amazing animals. They are super smart and seem to have a sense of humor. It was fun. Another highlight of mine at Sea World. I really loved it there and would definetly go back and see it all again.

We had to get some pictures with the sea turtles. Shaylyn's teacher loves turtles. So Shay wanted to make sure we got some pics.

This was just a random fish that we liked, it looked like a little old man:)

The kids with a leopard shark behind them.

Wonderful trip! So glad we got to go!!!

Spring Break in San Diego

We decided to surprise the kids with a trip to San Diego for Spring Break. We loved Sea World when we went about 7 years ago but we didn't get to see alot of it so we decided to go to Sea World for 2 days and spent the rest of our time on the beach and exploring around San Diego. This is our first day at our hotel that had two harbour seals Billy and Gracie. Shaylyn loved them.

Feeding time for Billy and Gracie!!

Here we are at Sea World!!! The fun begins!!
I loved the pengiuns! They had this awesome viewing are with 4 or 5 different types of pengiuns. It was really neat. That was one of my favorite things from Sea World.

My other favorite was the Shamu show. We got to sit in the very front row. These whales are amazing. Because we were in the front row we got soaking wet but the kids loved it.

I have many more pics that I will add when I have more time:) It was a great trip!

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Big Catch Up Post :)

Happy Halloween!!! Doug and I had a couple of Halloween parties to go to this year so we came up with something easy. Punk Rockers:) It was fun. The kids had fun this year also. Chance was a werewolf, Austin was spongebob, and Shaylyn was a candy corn witch. They had a good time as usual. Chance decided that this was his last year trick or treating:) It's about time he will be 15 in April:) Anyway I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

Shaylyn was in the school play again this year. They did King Arthur's Quest. She was a mini black knight. It was a really cute play and she and her bff Hailey got to be in it together. She did a great job. The practice for one week and then have the two performances on Saturday. Way to go Sis!! We love you and are proud of you.

Austin's birthday dinner at Mazatlan. Austin celebrated his 12th birthday this October. I can't believe he is 12. He is really a good kid and I love him so much. He recieved the priesthood and started passing the sacrament every Sunday and he does such a great job. He also spoke in sacrament on Sunday and I was very impressed with him, he didn't seem nervous but he did such a great job. I am so proud of him. I hope you had a great 12th birthday Austin. We love you!!!

A few soccer pics of Austin as goalie. He plays goalie alot. He loves playing soccer but his team this year isn't the best they haven't won one yet. But they have tied 2 so that is something I guess. It doesn't matter to Austin he just loves to play.